How to Stay Organised during Wedding Planning


How to Stay Organised during Wedding Planning

If you’re rocking a brand new engagement ring, congratulations! One of the most exciting and stressful times of your life is here. The key to overcoming budget pressure, incessant emails, calls, and forgotten to-do items is staying organised. Shakina Spa has some useful tips for our brides-to-be. Keep

Everything in One Place

Nowadays, most correspondence happens over email. But you don’t want an urgent message from your caterer to be lost among newsletters or random promotions. Start by creating a brand new email address devoted solely to wedding planning. You could even open a new Pinterest account with that same email and receive updates on your favourite boards in the same inbox. The important thing is to avoid going back and forth between accounts.

Use Online Tools

Speaking of keeping everything in one place, use that new wedding-only email to create a Google Drive account. Whether you’re using spreadsheets to plan your budget, keep track of the RSVPs or prepare your seating chart, avoid having files scattered over your work computer, laptop and mobile. Google Drive allows you to access everything, anywhere, even offline!

Use a Pretty Planner 

Whilst we love having useful apps and electronic reminders, there’s something romantic and grounding about putting things on paper. Journaling and scrapbooking are useful and creative organisational tools. If you combine them into a gorgeous planner, you’ll find yourself having fun whilst ticking things off your to-do list.

Where to Shop for Planners

For the best ideas and bespoke designs, browse through wedding planners on Etsy. Small sellers tend to offer personalised options and original stationary. Every time you open it to jot down an idea or an appointment, you’ll be reminded of how fun wedding planning can be.

Those of you also aiming to slim down for the gown, should choose a planner that allows you to track your weight loss, water intake, and organise your meals ahead of time. An popular Instagram-born and 100% British brand is Fox & Moon. Shop for a wedding-themed diet planner that will surprise you with sassy stationary and inspirational quotes with a touch of humour and sarcasm.

Don’t Forget about Self-Care

The weeks leading up to your wedding will be hectic. However, that’s no reason to let yourself go crazy with stress. Remember to set some time aside to do something for yourself. This will help you to clear your head, relax and ensure your bridal glow will be at its maximum level on your wedding day.

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